What Should Your Signature Scent Be?

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Floris are a British Family of perfumers since 1730. They are the oldest independent perfumer in the world and the oldest appointed perfumer to The Queen. Beau Brummell, Oscar Wilde, and Mary Shelley were all faithful Floris customers, on 89 Jermyn Street you will find the fragrances blended in the basement. Whether it is for her, for him, or for the home, Floris offers customers craftsmanship and expertise.

Top beauty tip: It can be difficult to smell again when you have smelt four or five different fragrances. To help regain your senses sniff some coffee beans, or smell through something that is very familiar to you, like your skin. To beauty price compare fragrances click here.

Floris London bespoke fragrance process:

1.Choose a base

First you choose a base. There is a mixture of male, female, and unisex bases, these are about 40 bases divided into four categories from citrus to woody. The base will be the character of the fragrance, 60% of the fragrance is made from the base.

2. Chose the materials

You begin to twist the base with materials. The perfumer recommends 6 or 7 materials, as you want clarity. You then pour the materials into the base as you go, like with whisky. Different ages love different materials; vanilla is universally liked, as it is sweet and comfortable. Lavender is a non –floral, the aromatic is a very popular choice amongst men. It is not impossible to start again if you have got carried away with the materials, it can easily be rebalanced.

3. Fragrance in your hand

You go away with your signature fragrance in your hand and the formula on the database. Once the formula is on the database you can purchase a repeat.

Top Beauty tip: If you have a very special fragrance keep it in the fridge and keep the bottle out of the sunlight. To beauty price compare fragrances click here.

The full-bespoke service at Floris London is £4,500. The full bespoke involves a cross comparison and this can take up to four to five sittings. You will have 6 samples of different base samples and then you will make the final choice. By the end you get 6 bottles of fragrances, not given to you at once so they are fresh The two hours session is £450, you will leave with an engraved bottle and request 4 repeats.

Top beauty tip: The base notes of the fragrance are the heavier molecules of the fragrance. They won’t show in the fragrance until after 15-20 minutes. So when perfume shopping be selective with what you put on your skin. You will get your first impressions from the first sniff, but go away, and come back.

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