What You Should Be Eating To Feel Your Best This Spring

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In this day and age it is extremely easy to fake a glowing face and luscious hair. We have a barrage of products that can help us achieve an amazing look. However there is something to be said about natural beauty. A no-make day every once in a while is good for the body and soul. For the first time we’re stepping away from recommending make-up products and pitching you ideas to help you feel beautiful, inside and out.

Here's a list of things you should add to your diet to look good, naturally...


When getting quizzed about their secret to good skin, every possible celebrity interview lists out one health tip - drink more water. According to research inadequate water intake can be the cause of dull skin which makes pores more prominent. Water is also necessary for removing toxins and waste-products from our bodies. Post-winter our skin is left parched and dry so a minimum 8 glasses a day would help it get hydrated. If your daily routine keeps you super busy, there are several apps available which remind you to drink every few hours. A glass of warm lemon water is the ideal way to kickstart your day. Another important factor for hydration is relying on a nourishing moisturiser such as Olay's Complete Lightweight Day Fluid £6.49.

Beauty Carbs

Robert Atkins may disagree but carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet. The two elements that help our skin maintain its glow and youth are collagen and elastin. Since simple carbs destroy collagen, to maintain the skin’s smooth appearance they need to be vehemently avoided. Complex carbs are the skin’s best friend. Some of the beauty carbs include apple skin, barley, cabbage, legumes, oats, potatoes, wheat bran and turnips. On the other hand beauty ‘busting’ carbs include cola drinks, concentrated fruit juice, sucrose, refined white flour and sweetened packages cereal. Hence the need to cut back on junk food. It’s not only to blame for why you can't fit into your favourite jeans, it’s also the cause for rapid skin ageing. So cut back on sugar and carb-heavy meals - it's time to opt for a healthier lifestyle. To further improve your skin’s health Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel £53.21 is a great product on the market for encouraging elastin production.

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Hair Strengthening

Since muscle, hair, nails, skin and eyes are made up of proteins, it is important for repair and construction of new tissue. Brittleness and dryness of hair, puffiness of eyes are signs of its deficiency. Good sources of proteins for vegetarians include nuts, seeds, pulses and dairy products. A simple way to incorporate it into your daily diet would be to get into a habit of having a handful of almonds everyday. Another tip for healthy glowing hair, after the long drying effects of winter, is gooseberry juice. It is rich in Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant. It is a sure shot way to strengthen hair root, maintain colour and add lustre.

The biggest mistake some of us make is to not watch what we’re eating on a daily basis. At the end of a day we’re unable to recollect the snacks and meals consumed. Paying attention to our eating habits automatically makes us more keen to eat better. Start incorporating these tips for healthy skin into your diet, you're sure to notice a difference within days.

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