Which Top Coat Should I Be Using?

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Top coats are largely known for their longevity claims which aim put the P into polished finish, for manicured hands which look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon come rain or shine.

From plumping gel effect top coats to high shine and quick dry effects, there’s a top coat for all desired finishes, but can they all live up to their name? We put 5 to the test to find out.


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Famed for their existing range of nail polishes and gel colours, OPI also have their own Plumping Volumizing Top Coat, £14.50 which is designed to give the illusion of thicker, stronger nails, whilst providing a high-gloss and protective shine.

The verdict: This top coat worked really well and glided on to my nails so easily without any hassle, it also helped to keep my nails in prestige condition for 7 days before I noticed any sign of chipping.

Butter London

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Butter London’s Hardwear Shine UV Topcoat, £15 prides itself as a chip-resistant and high-shine all rounder which helps to strengthen the the nail bed and leave an at home mani protected and smudge resistant.

The verdict: After a couple of tries with this top coat I’m definitely sold on the shine it delivers along with the staying power it provides, giving it a winning spot in my nail collection.


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Mavala happens to be the nail brand our beauty director swears by using and with that there was no option but to try out their Colorfix Top Coat, £11.50 in a bid to lengthen our at home mani and see if the ‘colourfix’ aspect could do anything for our nails.

The verdict: After following the guide to this top coat I applied this top coat to my nails once they were dry and immediately noticed brighter appearance to my nails, which livened up the colour and gave them a more salon professional appearance that lasted 6 days.

Leighton Denny

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Leighton Denny are another one of our go to nail brands and with this we were eager to find out whether their Leighton Denny Crystal Finish Top Coat, £12 could stand the test of time.

The verdict: Just a thin coat of the Crystal Finish Top Coat worked well on my nails and dried at super speed, I like that this top coat leaves nails feeling protected with a hard shield for a professional finish which lasted 6 days before chipping.


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Essie are one of our favoured frontrunners when it comes to nails and with that in mind we were eagerly excited to try their Good To Go Top Coat, £8.99 due to its drying agents promises which are said to set nail colour in seconds.

The verdict: This top coat certainly lived up to to its name and dried my nails in approximately 4 minutes which is exactly what a mani mad lover requires when they’re on the go. As for the shine we would have loved a little bit more gloss but overall this a great top coat contender.