Why Algae Could Be the Key to Nourished Skin

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Using the minerals found deep in the ocean, your skin could become the best it’s ever been with products containing deep sea algae - which are not only natural, but are rich in minerals that will banish the dry skin on your face for good.

If you suffer from dry skin on your face, it’s important to keep it nourished and full of moisture. How better to do this than to use a product that is made from the ocean’s nutrients. The Age-defying 24h Dry Skin Cream can eradicate any flakiness and itchy patches on your face. With a blend of algae and seaweed, which are both well known for their skills in stabilising minerals to aid the skin’s retention of moisture and ability to treat acne and lighten skin.

These ingredients are so good at what they do, they’re becoming more widely used in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Dependant on where it’s sourced from, how much is used and how it’s harvested greatly affects its ability to solve all your skin concerns, however Vetia Mare, being the luxurious brand that they are, only put the best in their products to ensure your skin is as nourished as possible and banish that dry skin on your face for good.

Apply their ‘Elixir of Youth’ Rejuvenescence Activation Treatment across your face and decolletage for 4 weeks before applying the cream and combine its two elements - a water based phase and an oil-based which emulsify to plump and smooth your skin back to a youthful, moisture-rich state.

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