Why Coconut Oil Is A Beauty Game Changer

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Some of you may not be familiar with coconut oil until you started asking what the heck is oil pulling? Don’t take your wellness cues from E! From my author bio it says I have exchanged everything in my kitchen cupboard for coconut oil, because it can do pretty much everything. One of the top beauty tips is a tablespoon of coconut oil in your morning coffee, as it has many wellbeing benefits, minus the £7 a pretentious coffee shop is going to charge when it hits the menu. Now everything in my beauty cupboard has been exchanged for coconut oil, because it is a multi-tasking essential for your locks and your limbs, make sure it is 100% organic, virgin coconut oil. Obviously. I mean what would Gwyneth do?

#1 Beauty Tip

Swap your cleanser for coconut oil. It is suitable for all skin types, with skin-nourishing potassium and minerals to remove even waterproof makeup without stripping moisture. Watch your makeup melt away.

#2 Beauty Tip

Whether you use coconut oil as an overnight scalp treatment or apply a pea-sized amount to the ends of your hair, there is no wrong way. When used in hair it helps improve scalp health and adds shine without coating the hair in silicone like many common brands do. Coconut oil also has anti-bacterial properties, which act as a protective barrier.

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#3 Beauty Tip

Try using coconut oil as a Lip Balm, it provides instant hydration for chapped lips, and has a natural sunscreen. Online beauty buy: The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter £4.00, contains organic virgin coconut oil.

#4 Beauty Tip

Use coconut oil as a body balm, rich in vitamin E it is ultra-hydrating and can tackle those dry patches, is can also double up as cuticle oil to help your manicure last longer.

#5 Beauty Tip

You can either use coconut oil to make your own DIY scrub or use as a shaving cream. I would recommend mixing half a cup of sea salt with an equal amount of coconut oil to remove dead skin cells. This will help you get a smooth shave, and fight against ingrown hairs.

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