Why Royal Jelly Is Fit For The Queen

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There is currently a great debate going on about what age is appropriate to start using anti-ageing products. Some claim that to get a head start on things we could start as early as our teenage years and others believe that it shouldn't be before you turn thirty. Whichever side you may be on it’s important to have all the information about the different ageing skin care tips and one of the recent trends that made us sit up and pay attention is the use of royal jelly. Before we begin explaining the amazing benefits of royal jelly let's give you the lowdown on what it really is and where does it come from.

So what exactly is it? Worker bees make royal jelly and feed it to the queen bee for her well-being and growth - yes, it is a substance that is literally fit for the queen. If you’re wondering how it concerns us human beings, it’s because royal jelly is known to be one of the world’s most nutrient rich substances. Along with protein, amino acids, minerals, biotin, it contains more than a hundred other nutrients - so you can only imagine its amazing effects on our skin. More than anything else it’s the containing amino acids that are also present in collagen which, as we’re all aware, are essential in maintaining our skin’s firmness and youthfulness.

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After reading about royal jelly’s beauty benefits we’re certain that you’re wondering about how you can get your hands on some of its great powers. Other than using pure royal jelly as a skin face pack there are several big beauty brands that have taken advantage of this wonderful ingredient and created amazing products.

Burt’s Bees’ Radiance Body Lotion £9.99 is one such product as it uses royal jelly at its main ingredient to help enhance your skin's natural glow. Other than that it also contains sunflower oil that helps moisturise and mica, a light reflecting mineral, which provides your skin with a radiance that it frequently lacks. A regular usage of this body lotion and you’ll be blessed with soft, shimmering skin that you'll love. Another great product by the same brand is Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Cream £20.00 which is a quick-absorbing formula that is light to touch but heavy in nutrients thanks to the presence of royal jelly. The cream based product helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and renews your skin. Bee pollen in the formula helps the skin maintain its essential moisture and restores its natural radiance.

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Royal Jelly is a brand entirely dedicated to the cause and has a variety of products to its name. Out of their collection of beauty products our favourite includes Royal Jelly’s Nail and Hand Cream £3.00 that contains hydrating properties. It is easily absorbent and non-greasy, a combination that results in smooth and soft hands. When it comes to anti-ageing skin care tips everyone seems to focus on keeping away face wrinkles but maintaining skin elasticity on your body is equally important. To help you remember to use the royal jelly-based hand cream, the trick is to keep travel sized bottles in multiple places - carry the bottle in your handbag, keep one at your office desk and one on your nightstand. When you’re out and about, spotting it will automatically encourage you to use the moisturiser more often.

We can say without doubt that incorporating royal jelly into our skin care beauty ritual is one of the anti-ageing skin care tips that have changed our lives. Incorporate them into your beauty routine for a lifetime of youthful and radiant skin.

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