How A Synergy Facial Will Change Your Life

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I’d heard rumors that, pre- oscars some of Hollywood’s most beautiful (and mobile-featured ) stars Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez called upon the ingenious CACI to give their skin an instant lift pre-red carpet, without having to face a needle. What I wanted to know was does this non surgical face lift give the same results as a more invasive procedure. As if you’re like me- is far too squeamish to face a knife but certainly don’t want to grow old too gracefully. Which brings me to the Synergy Facial, at Seduire London, A 90 minute facial, priced at £150.

My therapist met me in the relaxation area and too me through to the cosy, tranquil treatment room and explained that the CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is a system that stimulates all 32 muscles in your face (who knew we had that many!) with a series of electrical pulses. Think of it like a resistance machine for your face. It’s not a relaxing facial, so for those who want to drift off into a blissful state this is not the one to choose. However it is about serious results.

The treatment started with some very gentle microdermabrasion to clear and exfoliate my skin. This is all done with the CACI machine, the interchangeable heads make it a multi use genius. If only they invented a machine that performed as well for all kinds of housework.

The she applied the cotton covered wrinkle comb, with comb like prongs that reach deeper into your muscles and fine lines. A numbing cream is used, and whilst it's not painful there is an slightly uncomfortable tingling sensation, especially around the mouth and eyes. However, it is designed to kick start your collagen back into production and plump your skin.

Then to calm the skin CACI light therapy in blue (calming) and red (anti aging) lights are used. The whole facial really targets the jawline, eyes and frown lines and you feel almost like your face is getting a thorough workout.

Post CACI treatments, finally a mask is applied. It's deliciously soothing against my well worked-out face. One the facial was finished I was desperate to see the results and I was literally blown away when the therapist handed me a mirror. My skin was smoother, plumper and had more definition. The slight loosening I had been beginning to see around my jawline was gone and the frown lines in my forehead were smoothed. I looked like me, but as if I’d been away for 2 weeks, existed on a diet or organic produce and was certainly getting over 8 delicious hours sleep a night. If i didn't know better, I’d say Botox had been involved! (it hasn’t honest).

The change in my face however, if temporary at first, a week later and that lifted look had slightly disappeared but that was after just one treatment. They recommend a course of 10 to really improve you skin.Guess what, I’ve just booked in for my second. Watch this space.

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