How To Sculpt Amazing Cheekbones With A Facial Massage

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This D.I.Y Korean technique is a skincare secret pros swear by. In just a few minutes of daily facial massage you can fade lines, tighten sagging skin, moisturise dry skin on your face and add radiance. We are using luxury natural skincare Brand Vetia Floris to show you how you can achieve this at home. (Read More: Interview With The Brand VETIA FLORIS: Luxury Organic Skincare Has Arrived In The UK!)

The good news is that this facial massage technique will not add much extra time to your already rapidly expanding skincare regime. We are talking mere minutes, to achieve a glowing, radiant, wrinkle and dry skin free face, that has to be worth it right? Honestly the more you do, the better the results you will see. Much like going to the gym, you may hate it at the time, but you don't half look good on the beach afterwards. This is the same principle, but it’s like a workout for your face.

Simply massaging your face even as little as a few times a week can whip your visage into shape. Aka give you a more defined jawline, facial dry skin will be soothed, plumper cheeks, puff-free eyes.

We have narrowed it down to three facial massage techniques that will get you and your skin through every situation. You can do them on their own for a quick fix or if you have a little time to spare then do all three for an ultimate anti aging facial.

1. The Deep-Cleansing Massage

Massaging Vetia Floris Replenishing Cleanser into your skin, but instead of just rubbing it vigorously for a few seconds take the time to smooth in circular motions starting on your forehead, moving outward toward your temples, gently around your eyes a few times, and then downward along the nose, cheeks, jawline, neck, and chest. This gentle action will help your cleanser work 30% more effectively and reduce the risk of dry skin on your face, tearing skin or breaking capillaries with a harsh scrub. Rinse off with cool water to calm any redness, and you’re good to go. This is especially satisfying after a gym session or beach day when you need a good cleanse but your skin is feeling too sensitive for a scrub.

2. The Sculpting Massage

This season we’ve clocked plenty of models getting a facial massage, so make their skin extra glowy for the catwalk. This technique is not just for models. Anyone can use it when they want to plump, smooth, even skin tone and reduce puffiness.

This massage helps to products to be absorbed into your skin more efficiently so is best when used with a serum such as Vetia Floris Conditioning Night Cream to get maximum moisturising benefits.

Warm between your fingertips for a few seconds and then start from the outside of your neck working your way upwards in small circle, pressing inwards slightly. When you get to your orbital bone, lift your brows very slightly and then gently draw circles around your eye area 3 times. At the forehead, instead of drawing circles, uses an “M” motion across your brow, cutting the fines lines in half vertically and travelling across your brow from the centre outwards with each hand. Repeat 3 times. The pressing action causes your skin to stretch ever so slightly and the products can get into the skin more easily. This will plump, lift and reduce fine lines and dry skin on your face.

The results will be visible for a few hours at first, but the more you do the massage the longer it will last. *warning, your skin will look amazing after this!

3. The De-Puffing Massage

This one takes a little longer but is the perfect Sunday massage to help you get over those late Saturday night antics or pre you for the week ahead so you arrive to work looking radiant and perky on Monday.

Start by cleansing your face and applying the Vetia Floris Intensive Treatment Mask to your skin in circular motions, (shop: Face Masks) ensuring your face is evenly covered (avoiding the delicate eye area). Now for the easy bit. Sit back and relax for 15 minutes and let the nourishing Macadamia nut oil and Cupuacu butters get to work on those fine lines and dry skin on your face and neck. Remove the mask gently with a cloth and tepid water and then before you apply your moisturiser take two ice cubes and wrap them a fine cloth or gauze and run then them across your forehead, around the eyes and apples of the cheeks, under your cheekbones, along the chin, and down your neck. Work from the centre outwards for the best de-puffing results, as it helps your lymphatic drainage this way.

It may feel cold but trust us, it’s worth it. Your skin will feel shockingly rejuvenated and refreshed. Especially ideal if you had one too many proseccos last night or indulged in some salty food.

Get massaging and see the results for yourselves.