How To Stop Your Foundation From Cracking

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dry skin on face claudia fallah How To Stop Your Foundation From Cracking

Winter. My least favourite season of the year, bringing dry skin, chapped lips and sensitivity to the elements. Protecting your skin from these harsh conditions is important to stop dry skin on your face from causing your makeup to crack and skin to become irritated.

When your existing skincare regime isn’t quite helping the situation, you need to start looking for alternatives to help solve the dry skin problem from taking over your life. People who suffer from dry skin on their face at winter are also likely to suffer from eczema, so finding the right skin care products to combat these problems is something we can certainly help with.

Claudia Fallah is a renowned celebrity skin care specialist who has treated sensitive skin for over 25 years. Expertly formulating an ultra-soothing range of skin care, she’s included an abundance of natural and organic ingredients to lead skin back to optimum health and aid recovery of any dry skin on your face caused by the extreme weather.

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Cover Rescue Night is a soothing recovery cream specially formulated for sensitive and stressed skin. This multi-purpose rescue cream is designed to relieve, cool and protect skin that is distressed, angry and irritated and prevent dry skin on your face from getting worse as well as infusing it with moisture to help tackle the problem.

Applying a thick layer to the distressed areas of your face after your nightly cleanse encourages cell regeneration, calms and reduces skin redness caused by sensitivity and irritation, to relieve dry skin and bring back moisture. Repeating application throughout the winter months will make this cream your go-to winter rescue.

For added relief and protection from the elements, use their Cover Rescue Day following your morning cleanse to give you fully protected skin and ensure your makeup stays perfect all day with no cracking or drying out.

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These hypoallergenic skin care products are not only free from harsh, unnecessary chemicals and artificial fragrances, but they’re also cruelty free, giving you complete peace of mind when using them that you’re not harming your skin, or animals in the process.

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For help finding skin care suitable for you or want some new makeup that is crack resistant from the dry skin on your face, take our beauty quiz and get bespoke product recommendations based on your skin type and skin concerns.