You’ll Never Guess What We’ve Found Out About Acne

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lin and lo acne suitable for all skintypes

Finding cosmetics that are suitable for all skin types is a difficult task, especially when limited to the selection within a pharmacy or department store. The question as to what causes adult acne has been asked by many women.

As we pile on the makeup and forget to take it all off before bed, it’s becoming more evident that the makeup we use, along with many other factors, plays a large part in clogging up our pores and creating spots during our adult years. The answer surely would be to stop wearing makeup to allow our skin to breathe... but what if we want to cover up without making things worse?

Lin & Lo have created a mineral makeup range that is free from every ingredient that could cause damage to your skin, or make concerns such as sensitivity, dryness and even acne much worse. Saying goodbye to synthetic preservatives, chemical dyes, artificial fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients that could harbor bacteria within your skin’s pores, Lin & Lo allows your skin to breathe through the makeup and helps your skin absorb the vitamins and antioxidants that are within the creams, powders and liquids within their range.

Being able to use a Liquid Foundation and a Loose Powder without worrying if they will make your adult acne worse or be a contributing cause of adult acne, is a wonderful feeling. The products are light on the skin, enabling it to breathe and are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins due to the hypoallergenic, natural mineral ingredients used. Due to the pure pigment within the products, it’s easy to achieve the perfect coverage even with the smallest amount. You can also use their Perfect Base Brush to create a flawless finish. [Read More: Create Bespoke Makeup Shades With Lin & Lo]

What causes adult acne is not only the result of product left on your skin overnight, but also your brush hygiene as well. When product is left on your brush, any bacteria on your skin, in the product or in the air is allowed to breed and every application of makeup would then see this bacteria transferring to your face, making adult acne more likely. Makeup brushes should be cleaned thoroughly on a weekly basis, rinsing under warm water and soap until all product is washed away.

Top Tip - use synthetic brushes for creams and liquids and natural fiber brushes for powders and shadows to reduce the chance of product build up.

To find more makeup that’s suitable for your skin concerns, including adult acne, take our beauty quiz to find unbiased product recommendations based on your skin type and concerns.

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