You’ll Never Use Your Makeup Brushes Again After Reading This

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You wash your face every day, so why don’t you wash your brushes? Bacteria is what causes adult acne in many of us and the build up of product causes the bristles to become cakey, stiff and hard to use. This leaves streaky brush lines on your foundation and allows bacteria to multiply and create spots.

By reusing dirty makeup brushes, you’re not only spreading bacteria and possible infections around your face, but you’re allowing the bacteria to develop and grow the longer you leave it on the brush. Not to mention, once brushes become caked, they are harder to clean and more likely to fall apart, thus reducing the lifespan of your brushes and will cost you more to keep replacing them. This Laura Mercier brush set are soft, durable, gorgeous and if taken care of, can last you a long time.

Cleaning your brushes regularly maintains hygiene, stops you from picking up any nasty infections and keeps the brushes super soft, which makes application easier, more pleasant and get you looking flawless again.

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The optimal regularity for cleaning brushes is every few days, or at a push, at the end of each week. If you use mostly liquids and creams, wash them more regularly to keep bacteria build up to a minimum. You can also do a light clean (rinse in warm soapy water and left to dry with the brush upside down) every day or every other day to maintain cleanliness.

Rinse under a warm tap and carefully swirl the brush in soap in clockwise motions, making sure to reach the very inner parts of the brush - repeat until water runs clear and brush is clean. A good product to use for this is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap as it is all natural and deeply cleans the bristles to remove all the product, it also leaves a nice scent behind.

When you go into a salon, department store or get your makeup done professionally, it is important to ask when the brushes were last cleaned to make sure you aren’t put at risk from other people’s bacteria giving you an infection. Professionals and novices alike can use Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner for a deep, intensive clean and disinfectant.

For those with sensitive skin, dirty brushes can be even worse for your skin as the bacteria and clogged up abrasive brushes can irritate the skin. Alongside regular washing of your brushes, daily cleansing with Babor Cleansing Phytoactive and moisturising with Guinot Hydra Sensitive Face Cream will keep your skin clean and protected.

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