Your Grey Hairs Are Trending

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Most recently, whilst queuing in Whole-foods a lady in front of me was wearing a fluorescent Northface jacket, white Birkenstoks, and had grey hair. She could be old enough to be my grandmother or she could be in her mid twenties, she could be Diane Keaton, or she could be Kylie Jenner channeling the mane of a mid 17th century french aristocrat.

I am a hair chameleon. We have a unique relationship with our hair, it's an emotional investment. We bleach, we cut short, we re-live crimping, turtleneck hair, 60's hair, the top knot, the self-indulgence of hair-brushing. Now grey hairs are trending, but is going prematurely grey an aesthetic choice?

Model Kristen McMenamy, 44, has walked the Chanel Haute Couture show and featured on the Cover of Dazed & Confused magazine showing us all we can age gracefully without any stigma attached. Jean Paul Gaultier used mature models with au naturale hair for his FW14 show and young models walked the Givenchy show with hair dyed grey dating back to 2009. Stars such as Helen Mirren and Judi Dench have embraced their striking silver locks. Now A-listers such as Nicole Richie, Rihanna, and Kate Moss have dyed their hair silver, with Instagram millennials jumping on the bandwagon. Is this an emblem of feminism or a fleeting trend? The colour silver has feminine energy associated with someone who is composed, calm, demure, and sophisticated. From anime to Marvel, the most noblest of characters have silver hair, grey hair however is associated with being dull and old. Is this trend the silver lining to going grey? Men are deemed wiser as they age, labeled a "silver fox" however there is no female equivalent for this term. I would like to see "#grannyhair" go away, how about "#silvervixen" or "#silverbabe".

Regardless of your motivations, if you are thinking of going silver finding the right colour to match your skin tone is of most importance. Secondly, one of the top tips for healthy hair is using silver shampoo to remove brassy tones for an arctic, icy tone.

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The colour silver itself is quite difficult to achieve, bleachers and toner will mean hours at the salon for those with naturally darker hair. For those embracing the silver strands, one of the top beauty tips for healthy hair is a good moisturising mask will keep hair shiny, and violet based shampoo will neutralises the colour. Unfortunately it's not that black and white.

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