23 August 2016

4 Surprisingly Easy Ways A Tan Can Make You Look Slimmer

We all agree that a tan makes up feels more confident. It it just that a dose of vitamin D gets our serotonin pumping? Or is it down to the fact than tans makeup look slimmer? We at My Beauty Matches have decided to investigate whether this is the truth or whether it’s just a clever illusion. 1. Get highlights: By playing with shadows and highlights you can create the illusion of definition where you…

20 June 2016

8 Easy Ways To Fake A Summer Glow

It's June. The Sun should be shining. Should being the optimum word [looks poignantly outside at the grey sky and drizzle] So we have put together this great, summer influenced edit of products that will help you fake a summer glow in a flash. From bronzers, to self tanners, to golden hued oils, these will bring a little summer to your soul whatever the weather.