6 Effective Ways To Hide The Burn

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Sunscreen is an everyday essential especially during the bright summer days, however there always seems to be a day when we are caught off guard, and misjudge the sunrays or forget to re - apply our SPF. No matter how careful we try to be with our skin and provide emergency protection to sunburn it always leaves its mark.

Of course the day when we are most likely to look like a lobster always seems to coincide with a special event, that garnet glow is unmistakable and so are the white strappy tan lines against that flushed heat. So when you are heading out for a hot date or to a special event, how do you hide the burn?

Whilst you can cover it up with long sleeved top or oversized cardigan it isn’t really the best look nor the most conducive summer style. Plus, that’s cheating the damage is done, you need get crafty and own it!

Here are the best ways to cool and cover the burn.

Have A Cold Shower

Before you try to cover the redness you must focus on cooling, soothing and healing the skin. A burn is skin damage and whilst sunburn is less severe than searing your skin on a hot stove or surface, your skin is still experiencing the effects of heat and the sun’s damaging UVA / UVB rays. Try running a cold shower or bath to cool off and relive any burning sensations.

Focus On Healing

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The goal is to help heal the burn so you want to take out the sting and help decrease the redness, as tender and sore as sunburn can be it is also important not to touch, irritate or scrub sunburnt skin and peeling areas instead try using an Aloe Vera infused product which is a natural remedy for skin irritation and burns, I like to layer on a generous amount of BBROW BAR'S Aloe Vera Gel, £20 which helps to provide a cooling comfort my skin and reduce inflammation.

An aloe vera spray is always handy to carry around too my favourite at the moment is Banana Boat’s Ultra Mist Aloe Vera Spray, £5.99


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High levels of sun exposure can cause skin to become dry and dehydrated when this is combined with sun damage the effects are a lot worse. Give your parched skin much needed hydration boost with nourishing lotions that are alcohol free, I recommend Clinique’s After Sun Rescue With Aloe, £20 which helps to minimise skin peeling and leave skin feeling sumptuously silky.

Conceal Facial Redness

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The effects of sunburn anywhere are never good but when you are faced with a blotchy red sunburn patches over your nose, cheeks or forehead it is never a good look. A standby sheet mask is always good to have at hand for when you are in need of an urgent sunburn cure, I keep Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Camomile Tissue Mask, £1.50 on standby in the fridge when I am away in a hot climate and need.

Pixi By Petra’s H Skindrink Hydration Gel, £24 is also a great product to carry around in your beach bag for its refreshing properties.

During the evening if your sunburn isn’t feeling too sore but still requires a quick cover up you could also try Max Factor’s CC Stick The Reducer, £9.99 which will help to conceal any redness and balance your skin tone.

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